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5 Most Common Services South Auckland Lawyers Offer

Lawyers are able to offer a range of services to people and organisations. Some of these services are better known than others such as divorce and property legal help. Others are not so common like estates and some of the legal financial help but nonetheless are valuable to some sectors of the South Auckland population.  The legal services many South Auckland and Manukau lawyers offer will range from real estate transactions to commercial law activity.  You could hire a lawyer to solve a dispute or act as the neutral party in an ongoing disagreement.  Here are a few of the more common areas of activity that a south Auckland lawyer might provide.


Real Estate Services

South Auckland Lawyer

If you want to buy or sell land or property, you need to hire a lawyer to help you.  Most people will want simple property law assistance like reviewing the contract and handling the mortgage documentation. Others will need a more experienced south Auckland lawyer to negotiate with the other party and ensure you get the best price.  Commercial property transactions are generally more complex and might require a lawyer with experience in this field of dealing in commercial and industrial property. This can include reviewing leases, rents, and other clauses in property contracts.


Legal Representation

Legal representation can be both criminal and civil law work. In criminal cases, this will usually involve court work and the preparation for that. For civil cases, it can be negotiating with a lawyer from the other side of a dispute to come to an agreed satisfactory outcome. Some civil cases can end up in court if the two parties cannot agree.


Legal Advice

Sometimes people only need advice from a lawyer. For example, is a contract safe to sign? What should people do in the face of certain circumstances? Is a family trust a good idea for a particular family?


The outcome of the advice might be that people then engage that lawyer to carry out the advice such as drawing up a Family Trust Deed. However, the first step is people seeking legal advice.


Commercial Law

Commercial law is a wide-ranging field including contracts, terms of trade, financial transactions, company acquisitions and so on.  If you have a business, then you will need to hire a local south Auckland lawyer with one or more of these services. Failure to do so can be very expensive if things go wrong.


Divorce And Separation

Sadly, separation or divorce happens to around half of all marriages or de facto relationships. These are emotionally tough times and people often do not think clearly. This is one reason why they need to hire a divorce lawyer.


In New Zealand a couple is supposed to split equally their jointly-held matrimonial property but one party might try to force the other to accept a lesser amount. A lawyer will advise you of your rights and help negotiate an acceptable and fair separation of those assets.


If children are involved, then a lawyer can advise on access to the child, custody arrangements, and child support payments.


Asset Protection

Many people work hard to build up their assets. It makes sense therefore to protect those where possible. This is often in the form of a Family Trust. A lawyer can draw-up and arrange the transfer of those assets to the Trust. This is a complex area of law and needs to be handled very precisely to avoid possible claims by the IRD of tax evasion.


Wills and Estates

last-willIf you own any property then you must have a will drawn-up. This can save a lot of challenges and cost after you have passed away. To avoid arguments among your family, it is highly recommended that you make your intentions very clear by using a well-written will.


These are just a few of the common services that you might find offered by a south Auckland lawyer. One of the bigger law firms in the area is McVeagh Fleming in Manukau. You can go here for more details.


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