Ponsonby villa renovation – a Few Ideas

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Ideas for Renovating a Ponsonby Villa


Villa renovations

Many homeowners are drawn to colonial homes because of their classic, clean look and feel. On the outside, the home has a stately appearance that is quite pleasing to the eye. But how can you renovate the inside of a colonial villa in such a way that you can be proud of your home? Consider these ideas for a Ponsonby villa renovation that are not only practical but easy to employ.


  1. Refinish Your Flooring

One way to get started on a colonial Ponsonby villa renovation is to give your hardwood flooring a new finish. Hardwood flooring can be one of the most attractive features of a colonial home, so every so often, touch it up to keep it looking amazing. A full refinish involves sanding and then finishing. Of course, if you are pressed for time or would prefer not to engage in a full refinish you can add a fresh coat to your floors, which is still bound to make a great impression.


  1. Stainless-Steel for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room you certainly do not want to skip over when it comes to a renovation in your colonial home. In fact, you would be amazed at how much of a difference a few switch-outs make. If you have some old appliances in your kitchen, why not replace them with stainless steel appliances? These make for a worthy investment inside of your residence.


While you are in the kitchen, why not give your cabinets a fresh look? Add a pop of color or even a coat of a crisp, clean white paint. Another suggestion is to switch out your cabinet pulls and handles for something a little more modern, even ones that will match your stainless-steel appliances.


  1. Create an Open-Plan Concept

Unfortunately, many old colonial homes are not as open as they could be, which is a shame given the fact that colonial villas have ample space to work with. If you feel cramped by awkward corridors or snug hallways, do a safety check first, and then tear down some walls to open-up your home. This is also a wonderful way to give your home the appearance of being larger on the inside.


  1. Make Your Living Space More Modern

If you love to entertain, a colonial villa is no doubt right up your alley, so-to-speak. In fact, the living area is one of the selling points of a colonial home. This is a room that begs some attention when you are engaging in a renovation. Give your walls bright pops of color using a light blue or even a crisp white shade. In addition, bringing modern furniture and an updated crown molding is an inexpensive way to pack a huge visual punch.


  1. Embrace Natural Light

Villa renovations

Especially with an open concept, natural light is a great way to give your colonial home a way out of the dark. Open-up your windows, adjusting curtains in such a way that your guests will be greeted with the sun when they enter, making them feel more at home with you.


Summing Up Ponsonby Villa Renovation

Some of the idea above a skilled amateur DIY-er could carry out such as refinishing the floor. The other projects though are much bigger and generally need to hire a qualified villa renovations builder like Cain Built who have developed a reputation for great villa renovations.


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