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Hiring Auckland Company Lawyers: Tips and Tricks

Having a good lawyer by your side can save you from the inconveniences and frustrations that some with running a business or an organization. While lawyers can help fight any legal suits against your company/business, they can help interpret laws, regulations, and even advise you accordingly especially when planning a merger or a partnership. With the field already bloated with all types of lawyers, finding the right one to hire can be quite a challenge. Several factors need/have to be considered when shopping for a commercial lawyer. Outlined below are a few tips on how to land a good company lawyers Auckland based.


  1. Interview more than 3 commercial lawyers

Auckland company law firmAll lawyers aren’t built the same. You therefore need to look for a company lawyer who specialises in commercial and corporate law and not just any lawyer you come across. Experts recommend interviewing at least 3 lawyers specialising in the same to find a good one. These lawyers should have at least 3 years’ experience in the field among other qualifications. Some of the important questions to ask when interviewing lawyer include how long they have been in practice, special certifications and skills acquired, and legal fees, and if he or she has worked on similar cases to yours.


You may also have to run several background checks on each lawyer before contacting them. This should help add well-respected and experienced company lawyers Auckland -based to your shortlist.


  1. Consult with local law directories or bar

With the short list of potential commercial lawyers, take some time to dig deeper into their past records and licensing by looking them up in local law societies or directories.  These registers keep records of registered lawyers and also contains other valuable information such as the law firm the lawyer is registered with, their ratings, and client reviews of the same. Such info can come in handy when looking for specially qualified Auckland company lawyers.


  1. Consider referrals from other lawyers

Determining the best-qualified attorney can be a daunting task especially if you aren’t a lawyer yourself. Nonetheless, asking another lawyer for a referral, say a family attorney, can help you find/get valuable info about other attorneys. A good lawyer will refer you to the best corporate lawyer they know, which again improves your chance of finding the most competent one around.


  1. Run background checks

Company lawyers AucklandAside from the flashy portfolio, many years of experience, and the affordable legal fees, you need to run several background checks on these attorneys before making the final decision. Checking with disciplinary agencies, customer reviews, and ratings can help find valuable info about a lawyer. Some of the most reputable lawyers may be hard to find, but with a good background check, it should be easy to land to one.


These are just but a few simple tips and tricks to help you find the most promising company lawyer to hire. One thing you however need to know is that just because a lawyer has been in the field for many years doesn’t guarantee quality service and representation. Some newbie lawyers in the industry may have what it takes to take your business to the next level.


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