Auckland Carpet Cleaner After Burst Pipes

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A Burst Pipe And Water Damage To Carpets – Call An Auckland Carpet Cleaner


A plumbing emergency can seriously disrupt the proper functioning of any household. It can also cause extensive damage to assets and even affect the structure of the property if the flow of water is not controlled extremely quickly. Precious family possessions, expensive furniture, curtains and other soft furnishings can all be subject to water damage. You will need to call an experienced plumber to undertake damage control immediately. But when that plumber has left the homeowner may be faced with another challenge – how does one deal with the effects of a burst pipe on carpeting?


Carpeting makes a home more likeable. It is pleasant underfoot and keeps a house cozy and welcoming – but carpeting can also be extremely pricey. Replacing extensive areas of carpeting will put a huge dent in the home-owner’s bank account. Some insurers will cover that cost (to a degree), however that will almost inevitably lead to an increase in premiums.


Auckland carpet cleaner after burst pipesIs there an alternative to wholesale replacement? Thankfully, a professional carpet cleaning company for water damaged carpeting can almost always rescue carpet damaged by burst pipes. But choosing the right carpet cleaning company after burst pipes can be tricky. If that choice is not made carefully there is the risk that badly treated carpets will allow mould to start growing uncontrollably. Mould can have severe health consequences for those in the home. It affects the throat, nose, eyes and lungs and can cause life-threatening conditions for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.


A professional carpet cleaning company will take a number of steps to ensure that carpets are returned to pristine condition – and that includes the elimination of any moisture that will encourage the growth of mold and mildew.


Firstly, they will employ wet/dry vacuum cleaners to suck up as much of the water as possible. Then they will place large industrial type fans in the affected areas. These fans will speed the drying process through the enhanced circulation of fresh air. This process can take up to week. Professionals are aware that just because the carpet may look and feel dry to the homeowner that is not always the reality – moisture can lurk deep in the carpet fibres.


The next step that a carpet cleaning company will take is to set up dehumidifiers. These suck the moisture from the air ensuring that it will not settle on the carpets negating the effects of any other remedial action that has been taken.


The carpets will then be steam cleaned. This process ensures that the carpeting is sanitised and also removes any lingering odours that may be present due to the carpets being exposed to moisture. They may also have to remove and replace carpet padding however it is worth noting that replacing padding is much cheaper than replacing the entire carpet.


It may be tempting to undertake drying and sanitising of carpets as a DIY job. Machinery and chemicals can be rented or purchased. However, if the homeowner wants the peace of mind of knowing that the job has been done right there is only one real choice – call in the professionals.


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