Ponsonby villa renovation – a Few Ideas

Ideas for Renovating a Ponsonby Villa


Villa renovations

Many homeowners are drawn to colonial homes because of their classic, clean look and feel. On the outside, the home has a stately appearance that is quite pleasing to the eye. But how can you renovate the inside of a colonial villa in such a way that you can be proud of your home? Consider these ideas for a Ponsonby villa renovation that are not only practical but easy to employ.


  1. Refinish Your Flooring

One way to get started on a colonial Ponsonby villa renovation is to give your hardwood flooring a new finish. Hardwood flooring can be one of the most attractive features of a colonial home, so every so often, touch it up to keep it looking amazing. A full refinish involves sanding and then finishing. Of course, if you are pressed for time or would prefer not to engage in a full refinish you can add a fresh coat to your floors, which is still bound to make a great impression.


  1. Stainless-Steel for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room you certainly do not want to skip over when it comes to a renovation in your colonial home. In fact, you would be amazed at how much of a difference a few switch-outs make. If you have some old appliances in your kitchen, why not replace them with stainless steel appliances? These make for a worthy investment inside of your residence.


While you are in the kitchen, why not give your cabinets a fresh look? Add a pop of color or even a coat of a crisp, clean white paint. Another suggestion is to switch out your cabinet pulls and handles for something a little more modern, even ones that will match your stainless-steel appliances.


  1. Create an Open-Plan Concept

Unfortunately, many old colonial homes are not as open as they could be, which is a shame given the fact that colonial villas have ample space to work with. If you feel cramped by awkward corridors or snug hallways, do a safety check first, and then tear down some walls to open-up your home. This is also a wonderful way to give your home the appearance of being larger on the inside.


  1. Make Your Living Space More Modern

If you love to entertain, a colonial villa is no doubt right up your alley, so-to-speak. In fact, the living area is one of the selling points of a colonial home. This is a room that begs some attention when you are engaging in a renovation. Give your walls bright pops of color using a light blue or even a crisp white shade. In addition, bringing modern furniture and an updated crown molding is an inexpensive way to pack a huge visual punch.


  1. Embrace Natural Light

Villa renovations

Especially with an open concept, natural light is a great way to give your colonial home a way out of the dark. Open-up your windows, adjusting curtains in such a way that your guests will be greeted with the sun when they enter, making them feel more at home with you.


Summing Up Ponsonby Villa Renovation

Some of the idea above a skilled amateur DIY-er could carry out such as refinishing the floor. The other projects though are much bigger and generally need to hire a qualified villa renovations builder like Cain Built who have developed a reputation for great villa renovations.


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Auckland Trust Lawyer

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The Benefits Of Setting Up A Trust For Someone


One of the most common reasons to set up a trust is to minimise tax.  Other reasons will include protecting assets and ensuring your family legacy.  A lot of wealth has been provided for people with the boom in real estate and the stock market which is why setting up a trust is seen as a good way of saving wealth. However, it is a complicated process so you will need to talk to an Auckland trust lawyer to make sure it is carried out correctly.


A trust fund is one of the best ways to preserve your family wealth.  The trust will be managed by trustees who are responsible for ensuring that the income and assets in the trust are passed on to the beneficiaries.  The beneficiaries could be the people who established the trust as well as people specified by the trustees.


While the trust will have a beneficiary, the money and other assets will be handled by a trustee that has experience in this.  This is one of the reasons why accountants and lawyers are often chosen as trustees.  The arrangement of a trust will also ensure that the beneficiary does not recklessly act with the assets in the trust.


Various Types Of Trust

There are various types of trusts that can be set up.  They will all have their own benefits and drawbacks that you need to know about. An Auckland trust lawyer will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of trust to meet your intentions. There are some trusts that are beneficial when it comes to saving on estate taxes when a spouse passes away.  A revocable trust can also help with the transferring of assets to beneficiaries without a probate process.


Auckland Trust LawyerIf you are setting up a trust for a child, it is important to set this in a manner that clearly states when and how the child will get the income from the trust revenue.  There are some trusts that will provide money to the beneficiary in the form of an annuity.  Other trusts will provide access to the full value of the trust when the child turns a set age which is commonly 21.  It is important to note that there are no right or wrong choices as this will depend on how and when you want your child to get the money.


A trust can be used to protect assets from creditors.  However, you will need to ensure that the trust has been set up correctly.  The trust has to be set up in a way that does not unfairly deprive the creditors of their rightful payment.


If there are children from a spouse’s previous marriage, you can ensure that they are not beneficiaries of your estate through a trust.  The trust can list your blood children as the beneficiaries and you can place your estate in the trust.  This is known as a Family Trust.


Be Clear About The Objectives Of The Trust

It is important to note that a trust is different from other financial instruments.  It can be difficult to get your money back after placing it in a trust.  This is why you need to think about all of the pros and cons of creating a trust before choosing the one that you want.  It is also important to note that you will no longer be the owner of the assets in the trust which means that you cannot sell them when you want to.  To do this, you will need to have the agreement of the trustees.


The Benefits Of A Trust

There are a lot of benefits to setting up a trust.  This will include reducing taxes such as estate tax which your estate may end up paying to the government.  If you want to keep your assets away from the eyes of other people, a trust offers you a way of keeping your wealth hidden.

If you need advice on setting up a trust, consult an Auckland trust lawyer like McVeagh Fleming.


Reasons To Consider Hiring A Local Orewa Lawyer Over A Big City Lawyer

Local Orewa Lawyer Or An Auckland One?

Let’s be honest, life isn’t all roses and situations are bound to happen where you might need to hire a lawyer to handle your legal troubles. Hiring good legal representation greatly influences your chances of winning any case you are involved in. However, a common misconception is that in order to be successful, you need to hire the services of an established big city lawyer. That is not necessarily the case and a local Orewa lawyer might have some advantages over an out-of-town law firm.

Read on to discover why you should consider hiring a local Orewa lawyer the next time you are faced with a legal matter.

An Orewa Lawyer Has Knowledge Of The Legal Community

Having prior knowledge of your opponents is a stepping stone towards winning a case. A local lawyer is familiar with and may have had prior experience with other local lawyers, judges and courtroom officials. Over the course of these engagements, your local lawyer learns how the different personnel handle cases and work with this to the advantage of your case. Being a local, your Orewa lawyer is better placed to understand the specific and key details of your case. This can make a number of things easier with the processing of your case.

Accessibility Of An Orewa Lawyer

Being able to talk about your case is essential when you hire a lawyer. This is clearly easier if your lawyer is relatively local to you, either at work or where you live. Parking is often easier, almost certainly cheaper, and there will be less traveling time too.

Local Reputation

A good local lawyer will quickly build a reputation in the town for the quality of their work, or the way the handle clients. If you live nearby, it is easier to learn about the reputation a lawyer in Orewa than say an Auckland-based lawyer. You can ask family or friends who they have worked with, and whether they would recommend them.

Local Lawyers Have Equal Qualifications

Orewa lawyerIt is important to dis-spell the notion that big city lawyers are more qualified than small-town lawyers. As far as qualifications are concerned, rest assured your local lawyer is as qualified as a lawyer in a big city law firm. All lawyers in New Zealand have to be members of the NZ Law Society. Some lawyers prefer to work in a local law firm while others prefer the hustle of a big-city practice. have to undergo the same procedures. There are highly competent lawyers working for people in Orewa just like in Auckland city.

Summing Up

There is a myriad of reasons as to why one should seriously consider hiring a local Orewa lawyer. Accessibility is one, potentially lower fess is another. However, the lack of qualifications is certainly not since all lawyers have to pass the same exams to be able to practice.

If you are looking for a lawyer near Orewa, consider McVeagh Fleming or their alternate website https://hibiscuscoastlawyer.co.nz.


Professional Auckland Sofa Cleaning

Why Choose An Auckland Professional For Sofa Cleaning?

Sofas are not like the normal surfaces in the home or office. The other surfaces can be cleaned without getting damaged. However, a sofa needs special cleaning so as to maintain the integrity of the material and still have a clean place to relax while in your home or in the office. This can be a bit difficult to achieve if you do not know how to go about the cleaning. Here are some of the reasons why it is best to go with the professional Auckland sofa cleaning option.

Proper Cleaning Tools

Cleaning a sofa is not the same as cleaning a floor, which is why you must hire a pro. They will have the right tools to do this because they have invested in the business. They will be able to use proper techniques as well so that the sofa gets clean and remains in the best shape. They have the best tools to clean the sofa depending on the type of material the sofa is made of.

Professional Auckland Sofa Cleaning Experience

This is a big advantage that the pro has over you. Their experience allows them to be able to distinguish the best methods for cleaning each type of material. They also use this knowledge to be able to get out all the dirt from the sofa, leaving you with a clean and healthy space. While you may only know of one method to use when cleaning your sofa, a pro will be well-versed in the different methods to remove dirt without damaging the material or making the sofa look old. They know of alternative methods to remove any stubborn stains as well.

Clean Faster

A professional cleaner will probably have a team to do the job, which means that they will not take very long to clean the sofa. If you need to clean more than one sofa, then the pro will be an advantage because they will get the job done quickly. This will reduce stress for you and leave you with time to deal with any other matters. The pro also knows the best drying techniques, so the sofa will be cleaned quickly and dried properly to prevent mould from growing.

After Cleaning Services

Professional Auckland Sofa CleaningIf you get a professional Auckland sofa cleaning company to clean your sofa at home, then you do not have to worry about the rest of the place. You can look for a cleaning service that provides after cleaning services so that the air in the room is left fresh. There is no need to clean the sofa then have the rest of the place smelling damp. If they provide these type of services, you can be sure to expect a clean home once the job is done.

Frequent Cleaning

If you are doing the cleaning yourself, you may get too busy and fail to clean the sofa regularly. A pro will be able to come at the time and frequency that you need to clean the sofa so as to ensure that animal dander, fur, and dust do not gather on the sofa. Professional Auckland sofa cleaning is the safer option so look for a good company like Go Green Cleaning.


Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

What To Look For When Hiring An Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners specialise in cleaning, removing stains, and restoring carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other household items. You should hire one of these professionals if you cannot get rid of a stain in your carpet, want to reduce the presence of allergens in your home or need help with getting rid of an odour. Here is what you should look for when hiring an Auckland professional carpet cleaning company.

Ask Questions About The Cleaning Methods Used

Auckland Professional Carpet Cleaning CompanyA good carpet cleaner should be familiar with a number of cleaning and extraction methods. The best cleaning method depends on the material your carpet is made of and of what the issue is. Look for a professional carpet cleaner who can explain the different methods they use and tell you which method would be best for your carpet and for the issue you are dealing with.

Ask About Training And Equipment

The person you speak to on the phone when contacting an Auckland professional carpet cleaning company might not be the same person who will visit your home to clean your carpet. You need to find out more about how the employees are trained and about the equipment they use. Ideally, employees should have access to additional training on a regular basis and they should work with equipment and products that are up to date.

Ask About Green Options

Some carpet cleaners use green cleaning products but we are specialists in eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods. In fact, that is all we do. This is certainly an option you should consider if you are worried about toxins being present in your home, if someone in your home has allergies or if you want to reduce your environmental footprint. A carpet cleaner who uses green product is someone who genuinely cares about their job.

Find About About Warranties

A good carpet cleaner should offer some kind of warranty on the work they do. They should also carry a comprehensive professional insurance policy in case they cause damage to your carpet or upholstery. Ideally, you should be able to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. Some carpet cleaners will clean your carpet again if you are not satisfied. A professional who doesn’t offer any kind of warranty is not someone who values customer service.

Look For A Solution Adapted To Your Needs

Some carpet cleaners offer service packages while others will give you a quote in function of what you need. Some carpet cleaners offer both options. You need to look for a carpet cleaner who offers something adapted to your needs so you don’t end up paying for services that you don’t need. Look for a carpet cleaner who is willing to work with you and who takes the time to understand what your needs are before recommending one of their service packages.

You should get in touch with different carpet cleaners in your area to ask a few questions. Working with an independent Auckland professional carpet cleaning company can be a good option but there are plenty of affordable and reliable independent small businesses too.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning


Auckland House Renovation Companies

Tips For Choosing Auckland House Renovation Companies

When you are in the process of choosing a contractor to lead house renovations, you are going to want to be sure that you research enough. Being able to research your options and find the best one can mean the difference between having a successful renovation and one that is not so successful. Below, we will be going over some of the tips for choosing Auckland house renovation companies.

  1. Referrals.

Auckland house renovation companiesOne of the biggest things that you are going to want to do when it comes to choosing the right company is check up on referrals. You want to try to get first hand experiences from people that have used the company previously. That way, you will be able to really make a well-informed decision based on their own experiences. This should enable you to find the top options to consider.

  1. Credentials.

Another major thing that you are going to want to do when it comes to finding the best company is to look at and consider the credentials of the building company in question. Ideally, you will want to find and hire the company that has the best possible credentials on the market. That way, you are able to narrow down your options and choose the company that is going to provide you with the best overall experience and everything in between.

  1. Interview.

Once you have narrowed down your list of options to a few, you are going to want to go through the interview process. By doing this, you will be able to figure out which candidates are going to be the best options for your specific needs and which ones might not be the best choice for you. This is going to give you a good idea on what contractors you might have a good feel about and which ones you might not mesh with.

  1. References.

Once you have done all of the above, you will want to check up on references from the builder in question. By doing this, you are going to be able to tell more information about the contractor that can help you make a much more informed decision. For instance, you want to ask and see whether or not the contractor’s previous projects are any good and whether or not you approve of them. This is also going to allow you to speak with someone that has dealt with the contractor previously which can provide you with even more information that you can use to make a good decision.

By following all of the information above, you should be able to make a good and well informed decision regarding which Auckland house renovation companies to go with. Not only are you going to be able to find and choose the company that has the highest level of experience, but you will also be able to tell which company is going to provide you with the best credentials and references as well.

www.repairandrestore.co.nz                     Auckland house renovation companies


West Auckland Plumber for Bathroom Renovations

West Auckland Plumber for Bathroom Renovations or Do-It-Yourself

West Auckland bathroom renovations plumberHome improvement is one of the better ways not only to make significant changes to your home, but it may be just the way to get the whole family involved. For example, consider for a moment whether or not hiring home remodeling professionals is truly the way to go. When your wife can be guiding each of the members of your family what to do and your children could be helping you install carpet in the house, there is plenty that can be done as do-it-yourself projects rather than relying on home remodeling professionals. Even though hiring professionals is truly always the way to make sure that everything is done quickly, efficiently, and more expensive, do-it-yourself projects can give you and the other members of your family those feelings of pride and unity that every family seems to need.


If you are determined to make the home remodeling projects a family affair then, you may be wondering what projects you can use as a family project. Indeed, there are actually thousands of ways that the whole family can get involved with home remodeling, but here are some of the more useful and creative projects that can be done the do-it-yourself way:


Home Remodeling Suggestion #1: Renovating the Bathroom

Even though the bathroom may seem like an odd place to start, this is actually one of the better rooms to start renovating. For example, you don’t need a plumber or a home remodeling contractor in order to install a toilet. Toilets that can be purchased nowadays usually have simple installation instructions with them. Many homeowners may be surprised to think that the toilet in their bathroom needs updated, but this is one of the areas in which many people hardly ever remodel.


So putting a toilet in the bathroom is your first choice. On the other hand, you may decide that while the bathroom is in turmoil, you need a new water heating system as well. It makes perfect sense to install a new hot water cylinder at this stage. You might even want to look at a complete new bathroom suite and adding new tapware.  If you are going to undertake such a big bathroom renovation, then you will undoubtedly need to hire a plumber for bathroom renovations in west Auckland.

Home Remodeling Suggestion #2: Changing the Bedrooms

Since the whole family wants to be involved with the house renovation project, there is certainly no better place to start then everyone’s own bedroom. There are many things that can be done to add uniqueness to each person’s bedroom. For example, an entertainment centre that is built into the wall, along with surround-sound, can be added to one bedroom. For another bedroom there could be a closet that’s easily built in. All-i- all, though, there is no doubt that renovating everyone’s bedroom will certainly make the whole family seem involved!


When considering that home remodeling professionals could be charging thousands of dollars to complete projects as simple as those listed above, there is no reason why these home renovation projects cannot be made as do-it-yourself projects. These home renovations will not only add a special touch to your home, but your whole family will feel proud that they helped!


However, if you have any concerns about your ability or the time available, then be sure to hire a plumber for bathroom renovations in west Auckland to end up with a fantastic new bathroom.




Company lawyers Auckland-based

Hiring Auckland Company Lawyers: Tips and Tricks

Having a good lawyer by your side can save you from the inconveniences and frustrations that some with running a business or an organization. While lawyers can help fight any legal suits against your company/business, they can help interpret laws, regulations, and even advise you accordingly especially when planning a merger or a partnership. With the field already bloated with all types of lawyers, finding the right one to hire can be quite a challenge. Several factors need/have to be considered when shopping for a commercial lawyer. Outlined below are a few tips on how to land a good company lawyers Auckland based.


  1. Interview more than 3 commercial lawyers

Auckland company law firmAll lawyers aren’t built the same. You therefore need to look for a company lawyer who specialises in commercial and corporate law and not just any lawyer you come across. Experts recommend interviewing at least 3 lawyers specialising in the same to find a good one. These lawyers should have at least 3 years’ experience in the field among other qualifications. Some of the important questions to ask when interviewing lawyer include how long they have been in practice, special certifications and skills acquired, and legal fees, and if he or she has worked on similar cases to yours.


You may also have to run several background checks on each lawyer before contacting them. This should help add well-respected and experienced company lawyers Auckland -based to your shortlist.


  1. Consult with local law directories or bar

With the short list of potential commercial lawyers, take some time to dig deeper into their past records and licensing by looking them up in local law societies or directories.  These registers keep records of registered lawyers and also contains other valuable information such as the law firm the lawyer is registered with, their ratings, and client reviews of the same. Such info can come in handy when looking for specially qualified Auckland company lawyers.


  1. Consider referrals from other lawyers

Determining the best-qualified attorney can be a daunting task especially if you aren’t a lawyer yourself. Nonetheless, asking another lawyer for a referral, say a family attorney, can help you find/get valuable info about other attorneys. A good lawyer will refer you to the best corporate lawyer they know, which again improves your chance of finding the most competent one around.


  1. Run background checks

Company lawyers AucklandAside from the flashy portfolio, many years of experience, and the affordable legal fees, you need to run several background checks on these attorneys before making the final decision. Checking with disciplinary agencies, customer reviews, and ratings can help find valuable info about a lawyer. Some of the most reputable lawyers may be hard to find, but with a good background check, it should be easy to land to one.


These are just but a few simple tips and tricks to help you find the most promising company lawyer to hire. One thing you however need to know is that just because a lawyer has been in the field for many years doesn’t guarantee quality service and representation. Some newbie lawyers in the industry may have what it takes to take your business to the next level.




Commercial Real Estate Finance in NZ

Commercial Real Estate Finance in NZ


Property development finance brokerDeveloping real estate can be one of the most profitable projects you can ever undertake. But for people new to the industry, the path from zero to profitability can be a long and treacherous journey. In this article, however, we are going to explain a few things about the industry and getting property development financing for your project.


Finance for property development projects

Funding for redevelopment projects is usually calculated by estimating the increased value of the development and then borrowing against that forecast. Funding can be released in various ways including as staged payments over time or on completion of pre-agreed stages in the project. An individual may obtain finance for a proportion of the loan to value however this will depend on the details of the project, the developer’s experience, the location and the nature of the project. This article will provide details on the different options available to financing property development projects.


So any prospective developer must be fully prepared before any approach is made to lenders for the required finance for any development project. These preparations have to include all the necessary documentation relating to the property that is to be developed, a complete business plan, which can demonstrate the ability of the developer to carry out the project and to be able to manage the debt that is being undertaken. The developer must ensure that these documents are prepared well in advance, properly reviewed and deal with any possible objections. Getting help from commercial finance brokers can help to create the necessary documentation, as they are people who will be well versed with what financiers and lenders ask for.


How much can you borrow to finance your development project?

If you are like most people, you would need a mortgage to buy the property you want to develop. How much you can actually borrow really depends on how much money you have in deposit and your income.


If you do not have other people who can apply for a group mortgage, you can have a family member guarantee your loan. The lenders usually take into account the income of the guarantor as well as your own. Although you would bet the only one to make payments, both of you would be liable.


Figures presented in any proposal for finance need to be realistic and must allow for downward trends in property markets. Contingencies must be catered for while escalation of costs, need to be adequately factored in. Any valuation for the proposals becomes more credible if independent surveyors are appointed.


Before undertaking a project, always make sure to make a budget for all costs associated with settlement of the sale of a property, building your property and putting your property on the market. Once you have the budget, make provisions for a contingency fund. Your contingency fund should be 10% to 20% of your total budget.


Joint venture finance

One advantage about a joint venture financing option is that the project developer can obtain 100% funding for the construction. Of course, how the joint venture is set up is completely dependent on the development you are looking to complete. A legal document is drawn up to indicate how much income will be shared between individuals which alleviates any confusion between developers and financiers. It will also indicate who is liable for which project costs and what profits will be shared. The joint venture finance option can be used for almost all construction projects.


Commercial real estate finance carries a lot of risk due to the extended time of the projects during which conditions in the market might change which could cause a decrease in the profit of the project.


Summing up

There are various options to find funding for property development and each of them operate in different ways. If you have an understanding of each of these funding methods you will be able to navigate the financing of your construction project. However, even a brief glimpse into the world of property development finance is better than nothing. But, you must still talk to professionals, legal, accounting as well as financiers. Do not sign any documents until you have had thorough discussions with your lawyer and accountant.


For help with NZ commercial real estate finance, Global Pacific is one of the leading brokers. This is their website www.globalpacific.co.nz.


How to Find a Commercial Lender in NZ

How to Find a Commercial Lender


Auckland development finance company

Auckland development finance company

There are many reasons why a new or existing business might need to find a commercial lender. Perhaps you need to buy some commercial real estate for a new or expanded location, or you need to purchase some expensive piece of equipment for your start up business. Whatever the reason, finding a commercial lender is the first step in getting the loan.


Many different types of companies offer commercial mortgage funding. These include such diverse sources as commercial banks, CMBS conduit lenders, life insurance companies, and private lenders. Another source for a commercial loan is a commercial investment firm.


CMBS conduit lenders are a special kind of security investment lender. CMBS stands for commercial mortgage backed securities. The conduit lenders originate commercial mortgages, then set up asset pools from these mortgages. Shares in these pools are then sold on the open market to interested investors.


The Internet is a great place to start when trying to find a commercial lender. There are sites which will submit a single application to dozens or even hundreds of potential lenders at the same time. This saves you a significant amount of time over filing applications for each of these lenders.


You can also use the Internet to seek out individual companies that offer commercial loans. The advantage of doing this is that you can find a company offering exactly the terms you need. You can still file the application electronically for most of these companies, just like with the aggregated sites.


You might also want to visit a local branch office for a bank to see about a commercial loan. Sometimes speaking to a lender in person about your needs is more effective than dealing with everything through electronic communication. You can also sometimes get a better feel for how they will treat you as a client by speaking to a banker in person.


If you are a local business, you might have luck getting a commercial loan from a local credit union. Even if your business doesn’t meet the requirements for a commercial loan from one of the larger banking institutions, a local credit union might be willing to work with you. The credit union will know the local economic situation better than a large national corporation and might be more willing to listen to your business plan.


Before attempting to contact any Auckland corporate lender about a commercial loan, be sure your paperwork is all in order. You’ll need to have your financial records available, including an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and a retained earnings statement. The more documentation you can provide when you apply for the loan, the faster the process will be and the sooner you can get your money.


Remember that there are many options out there for finding a commercial loan. If you don’t like the terms offered by one particular lender, or you don’t think your business will be able to make the payments required by that lender, you can simply apply somewhere else. Don’t let a lender convince you that a particular set of loan terms is your only choice unless you have already spoken to a number of lenders. Do your own legwork and don’t expect a loan officer to be on your side.


Finding an Auckland corporate lender may seem daunting, especially in the midst of all of the other complications involved in running a business. However, it doesn’t have to be very hard to find the right lender for your business. There are a lot of ways to find a commercial lender, especially now that the Internet is so widespread in the financial world. You can use a website to apply with many lenders at once, or use the old-fashioned route and just go into your local bank or credit union and ask for a loan. Whatever you choose, make sure you get favourable terms on your loan and that your business can handle the payments required.



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